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 Naslov: Price Trend of Plastic
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<p> Because so many years I understand the brand, I summed up the understanding of the brand agents, in fact, is two words, the first agent is to make money, and the second is the development of agents to make more money, the more loyalty to the brand, Brand development more, so I can join the European people, with Zhang Changli chairman of the concept has a great relationship. Chinese enterprises to make big by capital, and stronger on the strategy, do a good job by the idea, so long-term culture. Here I sincerely tell you that the European concept and culture is very good, we Chinese have an old saying called "benevolent life long." This is actually about a business, a team to have a spirit, people can die, and the spirit is eternal.</p>
<p> So I went to Europe after the European people feel the floor in the market has a strong development of backward, great room for development, I believe that the future chairman and president of the leadership, the development of the European floor will be more and more prospects Well, thank you! We are the chairman of the board to give me a task, let me give you a glass of wine, now please raise his glass, I propose to the development of Europe, hard year, busy all the agents, , To support the development of all the friends of the European people, and wish in 2010, Zhang Changli, chairman of Zhang Yuexuan, under the leadership of the European floor in the joint efforts of all staff.</p>
<p> the European floor will be updated to achieve greater results, we Hold up the cup in hand, thank you all! European flooring Qu director First of all, I represent all the staff on your visit a warm welcome. Europeans have the core competitiveness of the floor, the European people step by step at the foot of a solid come, we firmly believe that the European floor will be better tomorrow. In 2010, I led all staff to do a good job of supervision, inspection work, do a good job in European quality inspection of the floor. I wish you a happy New Year, work smoothly, I wish the European floor will be better next year. European floor sales director Jiang Zong distinguished leaders, ladies and gentlemen, European colleagues, good evening! </p>

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 Stranica: 1/1. [ 1 post ] 

Početna » Edusex Info » Info


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