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 Naslov: product structure is simple
 Post Postano: 26 pro 2016, 11:00 
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Through development of several years, full continent in port lumber kind commodity export business ever got certain development expands, but because product composite pool deck tiles structure is simple, the product is add the cost is low, commerce country is fastened less, fight risk ability because of this causes a company inevitably low, get easily the influence of all sorts of adverse elements, cause in in last few years world economy lasts low below confused condition, laminate flooring how to do 90 degree angles lumber treatment industry gets euqally inevitably with other industry negative effect.

As we have learned, full 2016 continent in port lumber kind commodity exit appears stop drop the posture that pick up, because our city safe production, environmental protection rectifies the job to be finished basically already,be, company production enters the right path. ground level plastic deck Export business adjusts product structure ceaselessly,

in the exit product of total 2016 350 batch, camphor tree child pine and deciduous leaf soft market become a useful person 6.0% what take total batch, exterior wall from synthetic wood 94% what wholesome chopstick and ice cream club take total batch, and in the 318 batch 2015, camphor tree child pine and deciduous leaf soft market become a useful person 15% what take total batch,

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 Stranica: 1/1. [ 1 post ] 

Početna » Edusex Info » Info


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