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Production of nickel hard cast iron
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Naslov:  Production of nickel hard cast iron

(1) Casting process nickel hard cast iron can be cast in sand mold or metal mold, and the linear shrinkage is 1.6% ~ 2.0%, usually 1.8%. The casting process is the same as that of ordinary white cast iron. The riser is usually used, and the sprue enters the casting through the riser, so as to form good sequential solidification conditions.Precio barato astm a276 304 acero inoxidable
(2) It is better to melt nickel hard cast iron in electric furnace (induction furnace or electric arc furnace) in order to control chemical composition and discharge temperature. Cupola smelting is used for ni.hardl and ni-hard2 in some countries, but it is not easy to use cupola smelting for ni-hard4, so as to avoid burning loss of alloy elements, especially chromium. Chromium is easy to combine with carbonization to form carbides, so that the carbon content can not be accurately controlled. The wall thickness of castings shall be considered for the determination of nickel and chromium content. In order to prevent the precipitation of graphite in the structure, there should be a suitable fit between C, Si, Cr and the wall thickness of the casting.Tubo redondo de acero inoxidable fabricado en China
(3) The melting point of cast nickel hard cast iron is higher than that of gray cast iron, and its fluidity is worse than that of gray cast iron. Therefore, its pouring temperature should be higher than that of gray cast iron. Generally, the pouring temperature of nickel hard cast iron is 1400 ℃. For thick and large castings, the pouring temperature can be appropriately reduced, but it shall not be lower than 1350 ℃.
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