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 Naslov: Basic characteristics of Q235 steel
 Post Postano: 25 kol 2021, 10:19 
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In GB / T 700-2006, carbon structural steel Q235 is divided into four grades A, B, C and d according to metallurgical quality, and the chemical composition of each grade is
Q235: Grade A, B, C and D (GB / T 700-2006)TISCO SS410 hot rolled stainless steel plates
Q235 class A contains C ≤ 0.22%, Mn ≤ 1.4%, Si ≤ 0.35%, s ≤ 0.050 and P ≤ 0.045
Grade Q235B contains C ≤ 0.20%, Mn ≤ 1.4%, Si ≤ 0.35%, s ≤ 0.045 and P ≤ 0.045 (with the consent of the demander, the carbon content can not be greater than 0.22%)
Q235C grade, C ≤ 0.17%, Mn ≤ 1.4%, Si ≤ 0.35%, s ≤ 0.040, P ≤ 0.040
Grade q235d, containing C ≤ 0.17%, Mn ≤ 1.4%, Si ≤ 0.35%, s ≤ 0.035 and P ≤ 0.035
There are many examples of manufacturing cold working dies by using low-carbon martensite rigid quenching process in China.304 316 316L STAINLESS WELDED STEEL PIPE PRICE PER KG
Using double glow plasma alloying technology, Mo CR co infiltration is carried out on the steel surface, followed by supersaturated carburizing, quenching and tempering. The thickness of Mo CR body layer is more than 100 microns, the surface Mo content can reach 20%, the Cr content can reach 10%, the carbon content of supersaturated Carburized surface can exceed 2.0%, the surface composition is close to molybdenum high-speed steel, and the surface hardness after quenching and tempering can reach 1300hv, More than general metallurgical high speed steel. The wear test shows that the friction coefficient increases with the increase of contact stress, and the average relative wear resistance is 2.2 times that of GCr15 carburized quenched steel.astm 400 monell seamless alloy steel pipe

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