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 Naslov: Q235 ordinary carbon structural steel
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Q235 ordinary carbon structural steel is also called A3 plate.
Ordinary carbon structural steel - ordinary plate is a kind of steel material.
Q represents the yield limit of this material. The following 235 refers to the yield value of this material, which is about 235mpa.
The yield value will decrease with the increase of material thickness (plate thickness / diameter ≤ 16mm, yield strength 235mpa; 16mm < plate thickness / diameter ≤ 40mm, yield strength 225MPa; 40mm < plate thickness / diameter ≤ 60mm, yield strength 215mpa; 60mm < plate thickness / diameter ≤ 100mm, yield strength 205mpa; 100mm < plate thickness / diameter ≤ 150mm, yield strength 195mpa; 150mm < plate thickness / diameter ≤ 200mm, yield strength 185mpa).
Due to its low carbon content, good comprehensive properties, good combination of strength, plasticity and welding, it is most widely used.
It consists of Q + number + quality grade symbol + deoxidation method symbol. Its steel grade is marked with "Q", which represents the yield point of steel. The following numbers represent the value of yield point, and the unit is MPa. For example, Q235 represents the yield stress( σ s) 235 MPa carbon structural steel.thin wall stainless steel pipe decoration tube
If necessary, symbols indicating quality grade and deoxidation method can be marked after the steel grade.
The quality grade symbols are a, B, C and D respectively.steel tubing online
Deoxidation method symbol: F represents boiling steel;
B represents semi killed steel:
Z represents killed steel;Wholesale Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheet For Sale
TZ represents special killed steel,
Killed steel may not be marked, that is, both Z and TZ may not be marked. For example, q235-af represents class a rimmed steel.
Carbon steel for special purposes, such as bridge steel and marine steel, basically adopts the representation of carbon structural steel, but the letter indicating the purpose is added at the end of the steel grade.

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