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Duralumin alloy is a deformed aluminum alloy with high mechanical properties developed on the basis of Al Cu alloys, also known as duralumin. It belongs to heat treatable strengthening class.
Alloys including AI Cu mg system and AI Cu Mn system. It contains 2-7% Cu, < 3% Mg and < 1% Mn.321 cold drawn stainless steel round bar
The characteristics of this kind of alloy are that the main components (Cu, Mg and Mn) are in the state of saturated solubility or supersaturated solubility in aluminum and have high strength.
Excellent performance
It is generally 400 ~ 460Mpa, and has good high temperature performance and satisfactory plasticity.
AI Cu mg hard aluminum
AI Cu mg hard aluminum is usually called ordinary hard aluminum. The higher the total content of copper and magnesium, the greater the ratio of magnesium to copper content, the increase of heat treatment strengthening effect, and the strength and hardness of the alloy. Increasing the purity of the alloy can improve its stress corrosion resistance and fracture toughness.Welded Wire Mesh Sheeting Made By Steel Wire
usage method
It can be used in quenching natural aging state or quenching artificial aging state.Promotional Cheap Supply Top Quality 12 Inch Stainless Steel Pipe
It is mainly used to produce various semi-finished products such as plates and profiles; It is used for manufacturing rivets, load-bearing structural parts, skin, etc. AI Cu Mn hard aluminum alloy is often called heat-resistant hard aluminum, which is used in the state of quenching and artificial aging. It can be used to manufacture forgings and weldments working at 250-350 ℃ for a long time, such as compressor blades, compressor disks, fuel containers, etc. Duralumin alloy is widely used in aviation industry, but its corrosion resistance is low. Its products need anti-corrosion treatment, such as aluminum coating, anodizing and painting.

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