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 Naslov: to achieve the effectiveness of the promotion
 Post Postano: 16 lip 2017, 05:32 
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the major manufacturers have been kicked off promotional activities. Recently, the macro floor of the floor announced in the country launched the "buy macro resistant floor to Jiangnan fun tour" promotional activities: where in March 10, 2007 to March 25 between the purchase of macro-resistant floor consumers,
you can participate in the scene lottery , The winner can get free "Jiangnan happy tour" opportunities. Spring in March, Jiangnan good scenery, macro resistance of the promotional initiatives in the consumer caused a warm response. Promotional year after year, but the face of a variety of monotonous promotional products,
consumers are often tasteless, abandoned the pity, the manufacturers, it is difficult to achieve the effectiveness of the promotion, and how to do the consumer to the heart, Impressed consumers are the major manufacturers in the face of the peak season of sales problems. With a variety of repetitive and monotonous gifts compared to the macro resistance "Jiangnan happy tour" refreshing.
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 Stranica: 1/1. [ 1 post ] 

Početna » Općenito » Spolne bolesti


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